Brown WPC Decking Boards



Brown WPC decking is made up of a mixture of recycled plastic and Wood fiber, and recycled materials are more conducive to sustainable development. Combined with mixed color technology, we are proud of our brown WPC decking having the very similar appearance with the real wood, but in contrast, more resistant to corrosion, insects and preventive and less maintenance. If you like the look of natural wood and want to spend more time relaxing on the deck instead of cleaning it up, our brown WPC decking is perfect for you.


Brown WPC decking can be easily cut and drilled with common woodworking tools to suit different installation needs. You can also choose a 中空ボード また ソリッドボード、ソリッドボードよりも安価で軽量です。ソリッドボードはより頑丈で、本物の木に似ています。また、さまざまな色のWPCデッキもご用意しています。詳しくはお問い合わせください。