Solid Composite Decking

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Made from solid materials, the solid composite decking has no hollow design at the end of the board, retaining the feel of traditional wood and providing a more realistic look to the wood. Like out other composite products, solid composite decking does not rot, crack, and no need for complex repair and maintenance in daily use like traditional wood flooring. If you want your floor to look more like a traditional solid wood floor, it will be the ideal choice.

In the production process we have high requirements for the strength of solid composite decking as well as hollow composite decking, but due to the denser solid structure, the solid board is relatively stronger. If you plan to have heavy loads on the decking or use it on a staircase, the solid boards can provide greater stability for your outdoor living needs. In daily use, the solid boards provide better noise absorption, therefore, quieter when walking on them.

We offer a choice of different sizes and thicknesses of solid composite decking for residential and commercial applications. If you have design issues or specific requirements, you can contact us for more solutions.