WPC Decking Colors

Composite Decking came in different colors.

More option, more natural.

Still struggling with which color to choose? Techwoodn offers a variety of colors of WPC Decking. If you like modern style, we provide 6 colors of modern design. If you prefer individuality, you can choose 6 color series. If you want to create a real natural effect, you can choose 4 mixed color series. No matter what style, we can meet your needs.

When selecting the color, you can consider matching it with the surrounding environment. For example, it can refer to the roof of adjacent buildings, the sidewalls, or furniture to choose cold or warm color decking. Our decks of all colors are double-sided with wood grain on one side and modern grooves on the other. When laying the boards, you can use two different colors or different surface designs to create a unique and modern effect.

wpc decking multicolor 1
wpc decking Color MIX

TECHWOODN color is durable.

It fades slightly without fading to grey or black.

During the first weeks exposed to outdoor, there will be a light brown yellow color shift. The process rarely takes longer than 6 weeks, after which it returns to its natural weathering. This shift is more visible in grey colors than on brow ones.

Therefore, if one buys another board and installs it a few weeks after the other one, it will see a different color. Their colors will equalize.

Mix Color

The highest density and pressure is used to mix multiple deep.

Color into a single board throughout. The surface is sanded and carved to form a true vintage natural looking wood plank! No two boards look alike.

Range of profiles for residential or commercial applications. Requires little care compared to the maintenance of timber wood. NO more staining or sealants.

Classic Color
Multi Color
Mix Color