Capped Composite Decking

Capped solid composite decking is a new series of wood plastic flooring products. It is very similar to solid wood flooring in appearance, maintaining the unique advantages of solid wood flooring. We adhere to the strong protective cover layer to the core of wood-plastic material and co-extruded the board at high temperatures. Solid co-extruded wood plastic decking has the characteristics of not easy to fade and long service life, which is an ideal choice for large-scale commercial projects.

Capped hollow composite decking is a new type of environmental-friendly material, which is composed of recycled plastics and wood fiber. Our unique co-extrusion formula and 360-degree full coverage technology can protect the decking from moisture, high temperature, dust, and stains. Hollow co-extruded decking adopts a lightweight hollow structure, which is lighter than solid decking and can effectively save transportation and installation costs.

Capped composite decking is made of functional plastics (mainly HDPE, PP) and natural fibers (wood powder), with a certain amount of additives (anti-UV agent, antioxidant, coupling agent, lubricant, color powder, etc.), processed by special mixing and molding equipment. The wood plastic composite products have a surface layer and core layer, it’s a kind of new and more superior green decoration material developed on the basis of WPC decking.

Capped Composite Decking Advantages:

  • The minor fluctuation of dimensional change rate and bending performance, so better stability.
  • The water absorption rate is almost zero, not moldy, not rotten, not cracked, with strong acid and alkaline resistance, and its characteristics do not change under outdoor natural conditions.
  • It does not have combustion supporting characteristics. It is self-extinguishing when the fire is off. After combustion, there is no open flame nor toxic gas.
  • The wood fiber is covered by functional plastics, which does not attract borers and termites, effectively preventing insect harassment.
  • It is easy to imitate various natural wood grains, closer to the appearance of logs, and at the same time, it can modulate any bright color to make rich colors.
  • Stable application performance, easy to handle, and to maintain, saving maintenance cost.

Capped composite decking has been widely used in building materials, garden landscapes, interior decoration, docks, etc.

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