What is the difference between capped composite decking and uncapped?

in Capped Composite Decking Tips 2020-09-12

Composite decking has been developed for many years and is now an ideal substitute for traditional wood flooring. Made of recycled wood and polymers, it is stronger than traditional wood flooring and requires less maintenance.

Recently, Techwoodn has introduced a new type of capped composite decking, which has a more powerful performance and fashionable appearance. It is also different from uncapped composite decking in various aspects.

What is capped composite decking?

Capped composite decking is a kind of wood plastic composite product with a surface layer and core layer, which is made of functional plastics (mainly HDPE, PP) and natural fiber (wood powder), adding a certain amount of additives (anti UV agent, antioxidant, coupling agent, lubricant, colorant, etc.), processed by special mixing and molding equipment.

The biggest difference between the capped composite decking and the uncapped is that an additional layer of polymer shell is added. The shell covers all the four sides of the board and extruded simultaneously with the inner core board at high temperature. This technology is called coextrusion process technology, and capped composite decking is also called co-extrusion decking.

Uncapped composite decking will have a slight discoloration phenomenon in the first few weeks of use, after a period of time the color will be stable. During cleaning, if stains adhere to the decking for a long time without treatment, these stains will affect the decking’s anti-mildew performance. The capped composite decking can provide excellent stain resistance and mildew proof performance due to the addition of a protective layer. The general stains just need to be wiped clean, and the capped decking can maintain excellent color in long-time use.

Although the capped composite decking requires less maintenance, the same as the uncapped it is not completely maintenance-free. You should regularly remove the leaves and other debris on the decking. In the case of dirt, you can use a soft brush and soapy water to clean it in order to keep the decking in its best condition.

Techwoodn is a professional manufacturer of composite products, selling both capped and uncapped WPC decking. You can browse our product page to learn more about composite products.