Hollow Composite Decking

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The hollow composite decking is a lighter option that reduces weight by 30% compared with solid composite decking, making it easier to transport. Meanwhile reduced weight is less stressful to the supporting substructure and more suitable for renovating old decks without rebuilding the bottom structure. Hollow composite decking uses less material in the manufacturing process, therefore more cost effective and economical to use.

In the aspect of the manufacturing process, hollow composite decking is more complicated, and the fine advanced processes such as uniform granulation, high temperature, and high pressure ensure the stable performance of the plastic and wood materials of the product. Although the interior is hollow, as a professional composite decking manufacturer, our scientific design makes it very strong and flexible. Like our other composite decking materials, hollow composite decking has features of anti-corrosion, moisture proof, long service life, and low maintenance, so it won’t disappoint you in daily use.

Hollow composite decking uses the same mounting base system as the solid board, a full range of compatible accessories, no exposed screws, easy to install. The board has one side with wood grain and the other side with grooves, offers a choice of two styles to meet different installation requirements.