Does composite decking expand and contract?

in WPC Decking Tips 2023-12-27

When choosing outdoor flooring materials, you may consider:

Will WPC decking expand and contract? What impact will it have on the floor?

WPC decking is made of wood fibers and plastic polymers. It is more durable than wooden flooring and has properties such as moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and insect resistance. Plastic and wood will expand and contract to a certain extent with temperature fluctuations. Traditional wooden flooring will expand after absorbing water, and may also crack and deform under long-term climate influence. WPC decking has excellent waterproof performance and does not easily absorb moisture. Its expansion and contraction are mainly affected by temperature.

Techwoodn’s WPC decking has taken this issue into consideration in its design and manufacturing. Its expansion and contraction are both within an affordable tolerance range and will not affect the performance of the floor or reduce its service life.

However, it should be noted that if WPC decking is not installed correctly, it may result in some negative consequences. We recommend using Hidden Clips Systems to install the decking and secure it with hidden fasteners and clips. These designs can withstand expansion and contraction without causing any safety risks. Maintaining appropriate spacing is beneficial for floor drainage and air circulation, which will keep the floor clean, safe, and less prone to structural problems related to moisture.