Capped Composite Decking Tips

Capped Composite vs PVC decking

in Capped Composite Decking Tips 2021-06-13

Nowadays, there are many kinds of outdoor decking materials. When you choose, you may ask: what’s the difference between Capped Composite Decking and PVC Decking? Both are made from synthetic materials, neither requires annual polishing, dyeing, or painting compared to natural wood. And, with low maintenance requirements and long service life, they are now favored […]

What is the difference between capped composite decking and uncapped?

in Capped Composite Decking Tips 2020-09-12

Composite decking has been developed for many years and is now an ideal substitute for traditional wood flooring. Made of recycled wood and polymers, it is stronger than traditional wood flooring and requires less maintenance. Recently, Techwoodn has introduced a new type of capped composite decking, which has a more powerful performance and fashionable appearance. […]