25mm x 135mm Solid WPC Decking

25mm x 135mm solid WPC decking is hugely popular in Europe, it is the popular profile for the application of public place and construction project.


For the decking of 25x135mm, there are three different profiles open to yours.

Two of them are hollow,
1. TW25-135H1, both surfaces of this profile are grooves. One surface is the fine groove, the other is the rough groove. Certainly, both sides can be used according to your interest.
2. TW25-135H2, one side is found the groove, other is flat. You could choose the light pattern of wood and make on the flat surface.
Both of above hollow profile, there are suitable for the private use, such as DIY market, private garden, and gallery which have the relatively good environment of climate and installation.

If the environment of climate and installation are humid, we suggest choosing the solid profile TW25-135F2. It is normally used in the high complex environment, with strong pressure bearing ability. It tends to be more stable than hollow boards,
The solid profile—TW25-135F2 is hugely popular in Europe, especially, it is the popular profile for the application of public place and construction project.
This is one of the earliest uses of size in the market. 25mm thickness is moderate. The most important thing is to get a good performance at a “beautiful” price.
You could use the grooves side or flat side according to the requirement of the project. Also, you could require us to make the deep pattern of wood on the flat side for this solid profile.If you like the mix color, the solid decking with the flat side is the ideal choice for mix color. The natural effect and good looking of mix color can be shown in this way.

25MM-X-135MM-SOLID-WPC-DECKING-size 25mm x 135mm Solid WPC Decking


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Product thickness


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Solid; flat side & grooves side


Wood fiber plastic composite


Classic / Mix Color


Hidden Fasten Installation

Install recommend

S.S.304 fasten clip and screw


10 years (You can get more details from Techwoodn team.)


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, ASTM, UV testing…