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Hidden Clips Systems

With our hidden clips systems, the composite decking can be installed quickly and efficiently. It is suitable for all types of WPC decking we manufacture.


With our hidden clips systems. You can install the WPC decking quickly and efficiently. The deck clips system we designed does not require pre-drilling or adhesives. There are no visible fasteners on the surface of the deck after installation, it is suitable for all types of WPC decking we manufacture.

Our hidden clips systems mainly includes three parts: fixing clips, starting clips, and screws. This fastener system can ensure that the gap between each deck is consistent, and the deck will not become loose after installation.


Clips are an important part of the deck installation. We provide two different materials of clips: plastic and stainless steel. They are mainly used to fix two decks and are fastened to the substructure at the bottom with screws. Our proprietary patented long plastic clips are mainly used at both ends of the decks. It can stabilize the distance between the ends of the deck.

For the installation of co-extruded wood-plastic decking, you can choose the part of the fixing clip. It can better fix the ends of the decking without loosening. You can use it with stainless steel clips. In addition to the regular silver-color stainless steel clips, you can also choose the black powder-coated stainless steel clips.

If you don’t know which kind of clips to use for installation, please contact us and we will provide a complete installation guide to ensure that you can install it properly.

Starting Clips

You can use the starting clips to install and fix the outer deck. You can choose the same regular color or black.


The screws of our hidden fastener system can effectively support the decks. You can level them with the clip without exposing the screw head. For customers who purchase bulk decks, we can also provide different types and colors of screws, such as Phillips screws, Torx screws, Star screws, and so on. You can contact us for more product information.


  1. Gravel or ballast bed (frost-proof)
  2. Concrete slabs
  3. Substructure beam
  4. Block
  5. Techwoodn decking boards
  6. Start rail as a terrace surround
  7. Surrounding gravel bed
  8. Surrounding edging stone on sand or lean concrete
  9. Turf
  10. Drainage
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