19mm x 135mm Solid WPC Decking

19mm x 135mm solid WPC decking is suitable for the backyard, swimming pool, and humid&private application.


Techwoodn offers great strength and high-performance decking, which is good for garden decoration.
What makes you choose WPC decking, but not wood decking?
a. With low maintenance feature, you no need to print every year but the decking with nice color that you want.
b. Easy cleaning. Keep cleaning the decking with water, you can use warm soapy water to clean it.
c. It is available in a choice of colors.
There are not only six standard colors: CG01-Stone Grey, CG09-Granite, CR11-Cedar Brown, CR10-Exotic Brown, CR19-Colorado Brown, CY29-Almond, but also color mix color: CG04M12-Birch, CY29M01-Nut Brown, CG03M01-Grey color mix, CY29M02-Vintage, and so on. Complete colors of products, to meet the needs of different users.
d. Termite resistance. Termites do not like plastic, but they love wood, particularly “ dead wood”.
e. Easy to install
We do not recommend you to nail WPC board directly. We suggest you use the clip.
We developed two different materials of the clip for your choice, one is stainless steel (304#) clip, other is a plastic clip. And you must keep enough the gap between end-to-end and side-to-side of both boards, so the board has enough space to “keep moving”.
For more information about the installation of WPC, please visit our installation guide.
f. Not crack
Wood flooring will split if it is not cared for. But, WPC board has not this problem if you install WPC as the requirement of the installation guide.

19×135 decking is the new profile we developed in 2016. Because the performance of solid decking is better than hollow decking. But clients want the products with good performance and price.
19mm x 135mm WPC decking is suitable for the back yard, swimming pool, and humid&private application.
Moreover, we could make different treatments on the flat side: sanded, brushed, accent and engraved. One board, two different treatment, and effects.
So, 19mm x 135mm profile is your ideal choice!

19mm-x-135mm-WPC-Decking-size 19mm x 135mm Solid WPC Decking


Surface Treatment


Additional information



Product thickness


Product width


Standard length


customized length


Approximate weight



Solid; flat side & grooves side


Wood fiber plastic composite


Classic / Mix Color


Hidden Fasten Installation

Install recommend

S.S.304 fasten clip and screw


10 years (You can get more details from Techwoodn team.)


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, ASTM, UV testing…