23mm x 146mm Solid WPC Decking

23mm x 146mm solid WPC decking is the classical profile. This is the basic section/profile for the commercial application.


23×146 solid WPC decking is the classical profile. This is the basic section/profile for the commercial application.

In order to meet different requirement of the private and commercial application. We have two molds of 23mm x 146mm profiles.

One is TW23-146F1, one side is a rough groove, other is flat.

The other one is TW23-146F2, one side is a fine groove, other is flat.

Two kinds of grooves are skid-proof, shapely and novel appearance.

The width 146mm, it is wider than others. The solid decking board 23x146mm is suitable for larger areas of the project. And you could customize the length according to the requirement of the project, although our standard length is 2.2m.

As the market requirement, the fine grooves are more popular in the market and project. But some of the designers like rough grooves also. Both grooves are available in our company.

Certainly, you could use the grooves side or flat side according to the requirement of the project. Also, you could require us to make a pattern on the flat side. The natural effect and good looking off color mix color can be shown in this way.

If you don’t want to make a pattern on the flat surface, we suggest you install the groove side up to get a skid-proof surface.

The solid WPC decking board is easy to clean and maintain.

Thickness 30mm that it is good for boardwalk projects, marine, harbor. With low water absorption performance, we recommend that people select the solid decking board in the area with water or close to the sea. If you are going to assemble the decking near the swimming pool or close to the beach, maybe you live in a climate area which with tropical weather or ice issue. Choosing this item is really a good and smart idea.

Most people care the looking of the decking with nail or screws. If you choose wood plastic composite, you won’t get this trouble anymore. Because we have the hidden fasteners. You only need to assemble the decking with mounting clip, screw, joist, and skirting. The accessories will hide under the decking, you won’t see it after you finish the installation. When you do an installation of the decking, you no need to buy a special tool. Just use the standard carpentry tools. That’s quite a convenience and easy.

Unlike the traditional hardwood, our solid decking board will not have rot, splinter, or warp issue. But you need to keep clean generally, wash the decking with normal high-pressure water. If there is some dust stuck on the surface, you can use warm soapy water to brush it.

23mm-x-146mm-Solid-WPC-Decking-size 23mm x 146mm Solid WPC Decking


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Solid; flat side & grooves side


Wood fiber plastic composite


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Hidden Fasten Installation

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S.S.304 fasten clip and screw


10 years (You can get more details from Techwoodn team.)


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, ASTM, UV testing…