Capped Composite vs PVC decking

in Capped Composite Decking Tips 2021-06-13

Nowadays, there are many kinds of outdoor decking materials. When you choose, you may ask: what’s the difference between Capped Composite Decking and PVC Decking? Both are made from synthetic materials, neither requires annual polishing, dyeing, or painting compared to natural wood. And, with low maintenance requirements and long service life, they are now favored by many homeowners and commercial space.

What is PVC Decking?

PVC Decking is made of 100% PVC, which is one of the most common plastics. Like composite materials, it aims to reduce common problems such as mold growth and insect pests. Because it is all plastic, there are many choices in color. But at extreme temperatures, such as particularly hot or cold, PVC decking is easy to expand or shrink, which may damage the decking. On the other hand, PVC decking will be lighter as there is no wood fiber in and its wood grain effect is completely artificial, which is difficult to achieve the same real texture as natural wood.

Capped Composite Decking

Composite decking is mainly made by extrusion with wood fiber and plastic. It has a natural appearance similar to wood and it avoids many disadvantages of plastic decking. On the other hand, during production, capped composite decking is added with a shell layer to provide additional protection, which also gives high requirements to the manufacturing process.

Composite Decking vs. PVC Decking

Compared to PVC Decking, the main advantage of Composite Decking is that the material is composed of a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fiber. It is an upgrade of wood, with excellent mildew resistance, anti-fouling performance.

Techwoodn’s distinctive wood grain color mixing technology gives Composite Decking a real appearance and looks more natural. This kind of wood grain is more anti-skid than PVC Decking.
The core of Composite Decking is added with wood fiber, so it is harder and not easy to expand and shrink when the temperature changes suddenly.

Techwoodn has more than 10 years of experience manufacturing composite decking. We offer a variety of colors, thicknesses, and texture patterns of capped composite decking. If you are looking for high-quality composite decking, welcome to contact us.