Non Slip WPC Decking

in WPC Decking Tips 2021-05-29

We have many years of experience manufacturing WPC Decking and have designed it with security in mind. With a non-slip surface design, the Anti-Slip Composite Decking is an ideal solution for public places, swimming pools, gardens, etc., where users can be assured of use.

Traditional wood decking is prone to mold and moss,when using outdoors for a long time. This causes the surface to become slippery. In a wet environment, people walking on the floor is easy to causes safety hazards.

We focus on anti-slip performance, and TechWoodn’s WPC Decking comes in two different surface designs. Customers can choose between wood grain or grooves for the installation. Unlike the smooth surface, our decking also has a rough and anti-skid texture on the wood grain surface. Another feature of Non-Slip WPC Decking is that algae cannot easily grow on its surface. Our decking is made of wood fiber and plastic, which has good resistance to mold and algae.

How to ensure the anti-slip performance of Composite Decking?

In daily use, to ensure the anti-skid performance of the floor, regular cleaning is also indispensable. Although composite products are resistant to mold, you should still clean them regularly. You can gently scrub the floor with soapy water and a soft brush, and then rinse off with clean water. In addition, make sure there is space for drainage between boards, and regularly remove debris from the decking gaps and keep them dry. This ensures the anti-skid performance of Composite Decking.

If you are interested in our Non-Slip WPC Decking, welcome to contact us for more information.