How Long Does WPC Decking Last?

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-06-07

Wood is one of the most popular flooring material, we can see it in many places. But meanwhile, the wood floor has some disadvantage. Frequently UV and moisture contact will shorten its service life. Wood is easy to decay and deformation crack. And the maintenance cost for the traditional wood is also relatively high. Many people will choose WPC decking as a substitute. There is always one question we need to consider before we are buying wood flooring: How long does WPC decking last?

I you want to reduce the maintenance cost and have a longer usage time of your flooring? WPC decking may be your best choice. The strength of WPC decking is higher than the wood floor. This material is easy to maintain, does not need painting and grinding, only a little of soap and water can be clean maintenance. You can read this article: How to Clean WPC Decking? After 10 years you will find that the traditional wood floor may not be as good as the beginning, but your WPC decking looks new. Using the exclusive mixing technology, makes Techwoodn WPC decking products have the natural wood grain effect. Our high-performance WPC decking makes the product can withstand many years of sunshine, rain, snow, and other weather. Techwoodn WPC decking is low maintenance, 10-15 years life.

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