Why is WPC Decking environmentally friendly?

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-06-07

WPC Decking as a kind of environmental protection of outdoor building materials, it adheres to the affinity of a real wood floor but also has excellent moisture-proof, waterproof, mothproof, high strength and other functions, which is a new choice can replace the traditional wood floor.

The use of WPC Decking is conducive to environmental sustainability, which mainly in two aspects:

Environmental protection material:

On raw material, WPC Decking is mainly composed of recycled plastic, wood fiber and a small amount of processing additives during the production process, it is made by the molding equipment and heating extrusion after mixing. Techwoodn WPC Decking stability better than the wood floor, do not contain toxic substances, dangerous chemicals, preservatives, etc. WPC Decking can be recycled, reprocessed and biodegradable.

Production and use of environmental protection:

WPC Decking is produced without pollutants during processing, do not pollute the environment. In use, WPC Decking has the secondary processing properties similar to wood, which can be cut, glued and fixed with nails or bolts. Because Techwoodn WPC Decking with high performance, weaken the base material in residue molecular activity, to make the residual material inside the plate isolation with the outside world and reduce the volatilization of harmful substances, also do not need to use the paint on the late maintenance, just clean it with water and keep it like new for a long time.

Currently, global timber consumption is staggering and resources are wasted. Using WPC decking can reduce the use of a lot of wood and protect the forest resources.