How to finish the ends of composite decking?

in WPC Decking Tips 2020-09-12

When you have decided to buy composite decking, you may consider how to seal the ends. The color of the exposed decking end is different from that of the surface. If you lay a hollow composite decking, the inner hollow structure will be seen at the end of the decking board, which will affect the overall appearance. Then how to seal the end of the composite decking?

If your decking is laid on a flat surface, you can use the same type of decking to build a frame around the outer edges of the area, and put the side of the decking instead of the end of the decking outside to form a natural covering to cover the decking end cut. But if it is laid in the steps or stairs, you can choose our special decorative board for edge sealing. This kind of decorative panel is made of the same type of materials as for the WPC decking board, with the same durability and color appearance. You only need to screw it to the edges.

Not all composite decking requires edge sealing. For the installation of WPC decking, you can contact us for the installation guides and help.