Install WPC Decking with Hidden Fasteners

in WPC Decking Tips 2021-01-17

Install WPC Decking with Hidden Fasteners is different from the traditional method of fixing hardwood flooring with nails. With our dedicated Hidden Clips system, the decking is securely fastened to the joists, eliminating the need to drill through the deck for a seamless installation of WPC decking.

Before installing WPC Decking, you need to install the floor joist. You can buy our aluminum deck joist. The aluminum alloy joist is sturdy, durable, and flame retardant, suitable for long time outdoor use just like the deck.

Installing WPC Decking using Hidden Fasteners is very quick and easy. All of our WPC Deckings are built with a slot on the side for mounting, which matches the fasteners perfectly. Install the first deck and the edge deck can be secured using starting clips. Then fasten the fasteners between the decks and install screws on the aluminum alloy joists below to secure the decks and ensure the same spacing between the decks.

Our Hidden Fasteners include fixing clips, starting clips, and screws. After all, floors are installed, there are no leaky screw heads in the whole place. For more information on installing WPC Decking with Hidden Fasteners, you can contact us for installation instructions.