Composite Decking Color Combinations

Composite decking comes in a variety of colors, making it more diverse in color selection compared to traditional wooden flooring. In addition to choosing a single color, mixing and matching multiple colors to create personalized outdoor spaces has also become a choice for many people. The combination of these colors will affect the decoration, atmosphere, functionality, and overall appearance and feel of the exterior of the house.

The above project images show our design using multiple color combinations. Generally, you can choose two color combinations of brown or gray as the base color, and choose your favorite color as the embellishment. Of course, you can also use multiple colors like this project.

When choosing the correct color decking, you may also need to consider other issues. For example, if the area is exposed to sunlight for a long time, dark colors are more likely to absorb heat than light colors. You could consider choosing a light colored decking to prevent heat accumulation.

Techwoodn offers 6 regular colors and multiple custom colors to choose from. You can also check our website’s gallery page to find inspiration for decking color schemes and see which color creativity is most suitable for your style.

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