Composite Decking Pergola Idea

Composite Pergola Kits

There are many types of mat sheds and pergolas, such as wooden, plastic, and aluminum ones. Have you ever thought about using composite decking to make a shed or pergola? This is not only an interesting project, but also a clever idea. Composite sheds or pergolas can provide shelter from rain, sun, and wind. Compared with other materials, it has obvious advantages.

Techwoodn’s WPC decking has a natural wood appearance and is available in multiple colors. On the other hand, it has high weather resistance and long service life. The composite pergola can be connected to houses or independent structures. The above image shows our commercial engineering project in Thailand.

We suggest installing your composite decking on a separate support structure for maximum durability. After fixing the support pillar, the decking boards can be fixed with screws or mounting clips like ordinary wood. In addition, our Pergola kits can be customized to meet your needs based on your sketches, drawings, and concepts.

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