Composite Decking Over Concrete Patio

Are you tired of concrete yards? Concrete is powerful material, but it lacks aesthetic and natural feeling. Upgrade the outdoor living space by installing a natural-looking composite deck on the top of the coagulation. Techwoodn’s WPC Decking is available in a variety of colors, and our color mixing process gives each board a unique pattern. In addition to its appearance, composite decking can effectively insulate you from the hotfoot feeling under the sun. The flat floor of the composite deck won’t trip you up and reduces the risk of falling on the hard concrete.The above pictures show the composite decking we laid in the main courtyard, using our 19mm x 135mm solid WPC decking. The brown mix-color deck fits perfectly with the original concrete color, and matches with the outdoor furniture, providing another area for gathering with family and friends.

Install a Composite Deck Over Concrete

To install the composite decks on concrete terraces, the condition of the concrete should be evaluated first, if there are serious subsidence and cracking, the concrete ground should be dealt with first. It is very necessary to ensure that the concrete is as flat and level as possible before laying. Uneven elevations can also lead to instability of the deck platform. We offer a hidden fastening system and keel structure platform at the bottom of the deck, without exposed nails and screws after installation. 

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