Composite Decking Planter Boxes

Composite board is an excellent material for making planter boxes, because it is weather resistant and will not rot or fade. Techwoodn’s planter boxes are constructed of composite board, which is made of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic bottles. Compared with other alternatives, they are not only more affordable, but also reliable and durable. You can buy such satisfactory products and don’t need to make it yourself with boards and tools.

The above pictures are showing a variety of rectangular and square composite decking planter boxes that we are selling. Our products are available in many colors, which can easily match your existing architecture style, and improve the appearance of your outdoor garden space.

Composite decking planter boxes have built-in drainage function, and many different plants can grow well in them. The box can withstand sunshine, snow or rain. You can water the plants without worrying about damaging the flowerpot. In addition to the garden, you can also use it in restaurants, parks, roofs and other places.

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