Rooftop Composite Fence

Nowadays, rooftop gardens have become very popular. Composite fences can be used not only in yards but also on urban rooftop balconies. Rooftop composite fences are an architectural element that can improve the utilization and aesthetics of rooftop space, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities while also enjoying the scenery outside.

Rooftop composite fences can be used to increase the safety and privacy of the roof, as well as to divide different functional areas, such as leisure areas, green areas storage areas, etc. Traditional roof fence materials such as wood, metal, and plastic have their own drawbacks, such as easy corrosion, deformation, fading, and environmental friendliness. Composite fence is a composite material made by mixing recycled plastic and wood chips. It has a texture and color similar to traditional wood, and will not be damped, rot, crack or peel like wood, nor rust or deform like metal.

The above image shows a project located in a rooftop garden, using brown rooftop composite to coordinate with modern design. The fence is installed on existing concrete, and our customized dimensions increase the height of the entire fence, providing sufficient privacy and safety, and allowing residents to enjoy sunlight and air on the roof.

If you are interested in Rooftop Composite Fence, you can visit our WPC fence product page to learn more information.

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