WPC Decking on Balconies or Terraces

As an outdoor extension of indoor spaces, the balcony is an area with the best lighting and fresh air. People can enjoy the sunshine and grow plants on the balcony. Actually, balcony not only can be an area to do all the activities mentioned above but also can be an outdoor living room, a romantic dining room and even your exclusive hanging garden after some elaborate design and reconstruction.

Warm And Cozy Balcony Decking

Using WPC decking on balconies, you can easily build a warm and cozy balcony. Our decking board can enhance a sense of warmness and sweetness. Decorating your balcony with WPC decking, along with some fresh plants, your balcony will be more energetic and high-grade.Balcony exposes to sunlight and gets rain inside on rainy days. WPC decking is waterproof and sun-proof, and won’t deform after severe sun exposure.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

WPC decking is very convenient to clean and maintain. You can use water or broom to clean dirt and dust on WPC decking. Meanwhile, Techwoodn also specially design WPC decking tiles, shaped in Foursquare, which is suited to balcony decoration and can be installed without any tool. There is a layer of hollow plastic under the decking. We design to lead water from the board to flow throw the gap to the plastic layer below, easily be drain away.

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