Composite Balcony Decking

The balcony is a special outdoor living area where you can enjoy the sunshine. But at the same time, the decorative materials exposed outdoors for a long time are being put to the test. Techwoodn’s composite decking is a perfect solution for building durable balconies.

23mm x 138mm Capped Hollow Composite Decking is adopted in this project, which is composed of WPC decking cores and the protective layer on four sides. Our Capped Composite Decking has two surface designs: grooved and flat. Both sides can be installed upward. In this project, the flat side is selected. The brown wood texture pattern is natural, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

Unlike traditional wood floor balconies, Composite Balcony Decking will not become unsafe due to decay and erosion caused by long-term use. Our balcony decking is made of recyclable hardwood powder and plastic and is available in a variety of colors for a natural look. In addition, we provide aluminum joists and pedestals for installation so the support will not absorb water. With the invisible clip system, you can easily complete the installation of the deck.

Over the years, we have provided Balcony Composite Decking for a variety of residential and commercial applications. If you are choosing materials for your balcony, you should choose products that with the characteristics of durable and low maintenance. Techwoodn’s Composite Decking is such a safer solution.

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