White Composite Decking Boards

White composite decking can bring a bright and clean feeling to your outdoor space, which makes people feel like they are in glaciers and snow. White can minimize heat build-up, if your project is in a hotter area, you could consider choosing a lighter color. White composite decking does not need to be dyed or painted, only wash it with clean water regularly can keep the best condition, and you don’t have to deal with the decay and paint peeling caused by traditional wood.

Complex Color Mixing Effect

The above pictures are showing our customized white composite decking boards for a fashion brand. The white deck background matches with the warm white light on the top to create a delicate atmosphere for the whole clothing display window. Looking carefully, you can find that our deck is not pure white, but has a complex color mixing effect, which can give a more realistic wood grain feel.

If you are looking for the same feeling, we recommend that you choose our beige or light grey, which are the most popular colors in our WPC decking range. If you want an all-white look, you can also choose our Capped Composite Decking series.

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