Commercial Composite Fencing

In addition to residential applications, Techwoodn’s fencing is also very suitable for commercial projects. Different from the traditional bricks and wire netting fences, commercial composite fencing is made of recycled hardwood fibers and recycled polyethylene, combining the natural beauty of wood and the durability of plastic. You can use it to divide outdoor areas or hide utility areas. It has a long service life, so you don’t have to worry about warpage, decay, or pests.

The above commercial projects are showing our composite fencing applied to functional area division for outdoor space. This composite fencing is constructed with aluminum alloy brackets and WPC fence panels. It is delicate and strong in design and can be easily installed.

Techwoodn is a full-service company with a commercial decorative fence. We have WPC fences in a variety of styles, colors, and specifications. We undertake various fence products and can provide excellent solutions for large commercial projects.

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