WPC Picket Fence

WPC picket fence can make your yard a comfortable outdoor living area, shield unwanted scenes and reduce the noise of surrounding roads. We provide a variety of styles and color options, which can better match the style of your home and make your home more beautiful. WPC picket fence is made of recycled wood and plastic, and stands out in the test of UV, fading, mold, insects, wind and bad weather.

Our WPC picket fence is different from the traditional picket fence in that the gap between the panels is smaller, and they are staggered and overlapped like a woven basket. The special point is that, from the front it looks like a fully enclosed fence that can protect your privacy, but when you look at it from the side, you will find that it is an open space with gaps and allows the wind to pass through. The composite fence panel can be easily spliced together, and it is light, which can realize rapid and efficient fence installation.

About maintenance, WPC fence does not need to be repainted or repaired frequently, only needs to be washed with soap and water occasionally. When exposed to the outdoor environment, composite materials are more durable than wood. With the natural beauty of wood and composite materials’ advantage of low maintenance, our WPC fence system can provide a perfect privacy solution for residential and commercial applications.

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