WPC Decking for Boardwalks

WPC Decking is made of high-quality recycled hardwood and plastic, which is more durable than ordinary wood boards. It will not rot and warp outdoors and does not require dyeing or painting. It is the perfect choice for piers and boardwalks. As a professional supplier of wood composite materials, Techwooodn provides a variety of colors and wood grain effects for selection, which are suitable for various commercial purposes.

The above pictures show the project of boardwalks. In such high-traffic areas, you can choose our solid composite decking series products, Solid structures can provide greater stability. The board’s surface is designed with unique anti-skid grooves, which can improve the anti-skid performance and prevent people from slipping. Under the decking, it is aluminum alloy frame structures, which are firm and durable. With our hidden clips systems, you can quickly complete the installation and it looks beautiful because the floor surface is without nails or screws.

For more than a decade, Techwoodn has been supplying WPC Decking for boardwalks, docks, and outdoor deck areas. We are happy to provide help and a quotation for your project to create a perfect floor for your outdoor space.

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