How to Install WPC Decking Tiles?

in WPC Decking Tips 2022-11-19

Techwoodn’s WPC decking tiles are easy to install and disassemble and can be laid on various outdoor surfaces. Through this guide, you can quickly learn how to lay composite decking tiles. In fact, the installation is very simple and does not require professionals.

How to Install Wood or Composite Deck Tiles

How to install deck tiles?

The standard size of composite decking tiles is 12 x 12 inches (300 x 300 mm), and the top is made of wood composite materials with grooves and an anti-skid surface. The bottom is a plastic base with an interlocking system, which is pre-attached to the WPC surface with stainless steel screws. There are “male” and “female” buckles on the base, you can complete the installation of two tiles by snapping the buckles.

on a sturdy flat surface

You need to install the WPC decking tiles on a sturdy flat surface, usually on the roof, porch, balcony, etc. It is not recommended to install them directly on the soil, grass, or cobblestone ground. The installation does not need hammers, nails, and screws, but just put the tiles together. Two tiles can be laid in the same direction or in different directions, and different combinations can create unique patterns.

Installation Diagram of Same Direction
Installation Diagram of “Same Direction”
Installation Diagram of Stagger Direction
Installation Diagram of “Stagger Direction”

When the installation is interrupted by unsuitable locations, such as pipes or posts, you may need to cut the tiles to fit the gap. Benefiting from WPC Decking materials’ characteristics, you can easily cut the tiles with a handsaw or electric saw during installation. Before cutting, you should remove the tile(s) and carefully measure the fitting area. Avoid cutting any screws at the bottom.

cut the tiles

Finally, when installing the corners, you can use our skirting finishers. We provide skirting with straight edges and corner edges, which can make your floor look more complete and beautiful.

skirting finishers

These are the guidelines for How to Install WPC Decking Tiles. For daily cleaning after installation, you can remove the dust with a hard brush and water, and, use the vacuum cleaner to clean leaves or other debris between the panels. If necessary, you can also disassemble the tiles separately for cleaning.