What to do with leftover WPC decking?

in WPC Decking Tips 2019-02-12

After purchasing and installing WPC decking, there will always be some leftovers. It will occupy space when it’s piled up, but it will be a pity if it’s thrown away. In fact, after simple processing, you can turn these remaining scraps into practical items.

The WPC decking produced and sold by Techwoodn can be cut, assembled and fixed, and processed like wood. The decking board is moisture-proof and mildew-proof, so there is no need to worry about any problems in outdoor use. You can make an outdoor flower stand out of the remaining decking. Put your favorite flowers and plants in it and put them on the balcony. If you think it’s too complicated, you can also buy our ready-made WPC planter pots directly.

The remaining WPC decking can also be used to pave backyard trails. It’s very easy to make such a trail and doesn’t require a lot of material. Simply put the decking pieces together and fix them on the ground. Such an interesting path can elevate the style of the backyard.

In addition, the remaining WPC decking can also be turned into some small things, for example, a mailbox or a small stool. These can be used outdoors for a long time, no need to worry about rotting or molding after a while. Try using the remaining scraps in different ways, and learn more about the rest of our website for inspiration.