How much more expensive is composite decking than wood?

in WPC Decking Tips 2019-12-31

For most homeowners, they need to consider the cost of replacing outdoor decks. Generally speaking, the average price of a wood decking suitable for outdoor use is US$15-25 per square foot, while that of wood plastic composite decking is USD$30-45 per square foot.

Wood is a relatively common and economical choice at present. But people want outdoor spaces to be more beautiful and practical. As more and more builders and homeowners learn about this high-performance composite decking, it has become a new choice for many people.

Composite vs Wood Deck Cost

In view of the purchase cost of decks, wood flooring is usually cheaper than composite decking. It should be noted that outdoor decking is a long-term investment. In the long run, wooden decking needs to be sanded, dyed, and oiled every year, which will occur maintenance costs. In terms of service life, the life of the wood is generally lower than that of composite decking. If the deck needs to be replaced after several years of use, this will also be a considerable cost.

All in all, taking into account the annual maintenance cost and service time, the price gap between the two materials will be smaller than expected. Do people often wonder why composite decking is more expensive than wooden decking? In short, the manufacturing process and the functional characteristics of composite decking are different. For details please refer to the article: When Wood Vs Composite Decking. You can comprehensively consider the differences between the two different materials.