Can you install WPC decking over wood?

in WPC Decking Tips 2021-12-30

After long-term use, wood decking will begin to crack, rot and warp. If not treated in time, this may be a safety hazard. When considering renovating the decking, many people will ask a question: can I install WPC decking on the wood decking?

The answer is OK. Laying WPC decking boards directly on the old wooden decking can save a lot of time, but there are many factors to be considered, and there will also be some disadvantages.

The first thing to consider is the status of the existing wooden decking. Although the WPC decking has good performance, the existing decking with moisture under it cannot discharge moisture, which will still affect the WPC decking. If the wooden decking has cracked or rotted, the new WPC decking installed on it will also be affected and eventually collapse. Even if your wooden decking is in good condition, you must consider whether it can bear the weight of the new WPC decking. In general, process renovation seems to save time but may bring more problems and cost more money in later maintenance.

We strongly recommend you remove the existing decking before installing WPC decking. The frame at the bottom of our WPC decking is different from that of wood decking. It is made of aluminum alloy and will not rot or warp. Its service life and load-bearing capacity are better than wooden frames. On the other hand, there are no exposed screws by installing with our matching Hidden Clips Systems. If one of the boards needs to be replaced in the future, there is no need to remove the whole frame.

aluminum alloy frame

If you are considering replacing the old floor or have other questions about the decking renovation project, you can contact us and we will be happy to help.