Does WPC Decking Fade?

in WPC Decking Tips 2021-12-30

Does Composite Decking Fade

You may have bad experiences of using traditional wood flooring, painting, and dyeing decking year after year. You may have questions when choosing WPC decking: Does WPC Decking Fade?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the manufacturing process of WPC decking. We added color pigment in the production process so the color will penetrate into the whole product making it fade resistant. Therefore, it does not need to be painted or dyed in later use. In our Capped Composite Decking, the surrounding surface is added with a plastic cover to provide additional anti fading protection to further prevent fading caused by the sun, winter rain, and snow.

However, WPC decking is not completely colorfast. No product will 100% keep the same color after being exposed to strong light for many years. Like all wood products, the color will become lighter over time when exposed to natural elements. WPC decking will undergo natural weathering in 3~6 months, and then the fading will stabilize. In general, for WPC decking, the impact of solar ultraviolet rays is far less than when using traditional wood decorative panels.

For other questions about the anti fading properties of WPC decking, you could contact our team for more information.