Can WPC Decking be Cut?

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-10-10

WPC decking is loved by more and more people because it prevents decay, no need for painting, and is more durable than wood in long-term outdoor environments. But in fact, easy processing is also a major feature of WPC decking. The WPC decking made by Techwoodn has no outer plastic layer and does not affect deck performance after cutting.

How to cut WPC decking

WPC decking is a pressed extruded composite wood product made from wood powder and recycled plastic. Although it is an unconventional deck, it can be cut, drilled and fixed like traditional wood. Cutting can generally be done by using standard woodworking tools. Table saws, circular saws, and miter saws are your best choice. Choose the blades made of a hard alloy to ensure a smooth cut. Be careful not to overheat the blade during cutting, otherwise, it will affect the cutting effect.

Before installing our WPC decking, you will need to read our installation guide in advance to ensure proper installation. Although WPC decking is similar to wood, it still needs attention in the details of fixing and gap etc.. In addition, our professional technical team can also provide technical advisory support for you.