How to Make Wood Plastic Composite Decking

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-06-07

Wood Plastic Composite is widely popular and favored by the market. Techwoodn produces more than 20000 tons of WPC decking each year, we have systematic WPC decking equipment and experienced workers. Production technology requirements are very stringent. Such as the formula, temperature, extrusion speed, and other aspects will affect the products quality.

The material of WPC decking

The core material of WPC decking is plastic and wood fiber. Plastic is HDPE, recycled from shampoo bottles, milk bottles etc. Wood fibers are sawdust materials for furniture production plants and waste from wood processing in FSC forest area. In addition to the above two main materials, we also add a certain percentage of additives in our production process, including compatibility agent, lubricants, antioxidants, and pigments etc.

In the manufacturing process of Wood Plastic Composite, first, mixing raw materials fully in a high mixing machine, and then send to the extrusion machine, and the wood grain effect can be added at the same time according to the customer request. We can produce both hollow and solid WPC products. Our QC will strictly control the quality of products according to the ISO quality management system throughout the production process to ensure that the products meet the requirements.

To learn more about Wood Plastic Composite material production process, please feel free to contact our online customer service or sales managers and visit our WPC material production plant.