Is it Good to Use WPC Decking on the Dock?

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-06-07

Cost, safety, durability, and many other factors need to be considered and calculated in the construction of the dock. And the most important thing is what kind of material will be good for using on the dock wharf. All docks, docks all have one thing in common, that is water. Dock decking contacts with water vapor every day, the untreated normal wood flooring will swell and warp, crack and decay after using for a period of time, which makes it become unsafe, easy to damage and caused harm. The constant maintenance costs a lot of money and time.

WPC decking protects against water

In contrast, using WPC decking is a better option. Although is more expensive than the real wood flooring at the upfront cost, but is low maintenance, no cracking, no need to repair and paint.

WPC decking can be used from residential docks to large commercial terminals. Techwoodn’s exclusive manufacturing technology protects against water, sunlight and won’t be damaged by mold and water. Meanwhile, our surface anti-slip treatments are more suitable for use on the pool. With the guidance of our installation information, you can complete your deck fast and have more time to enjoy the beautiful seaside scenery.

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