6 Decking Ideas for Small Gardens

in WPC Decking Tips 2021-08-19

Installing WPC decking is a low maintenance solution for small outdoor gardens. Even if your garden is small you can also fit it up with decking boards to make it attractive or to create a multifunctional outdoor living area.

1.Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor tables and chairs are essential for a small garden. You can imagine how comfortable it is to sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine on a leisurely afternoon. You can buy the furniture of the right size according to your garden space. The small garden can use small folding tables and chairs, while the larger space can place dining tables, chairs, or reclining chairs for six people.

Outdoor furniture

2.Raised Decking

Build a decking platform to divide the area with the surrounding turf, you don’t have to worry about the muddy ground on rainy days or the chair legs will damage the lawn. You can also lay the decking at different heights according to different functional zones to make each area look orderly, so as to enhance your garden design.

raised decking

3. Add a Waterscape

To transform the garden, adding a small fish pond or waterscape can integrate the feeling of nature with the style of the modern garden. WPC decking has excellent anti-skid and moisture-proof performance, and its service life will not be affected if it is laid beside the fish pond.

Add a Waterscape

4. Outdoor Cooking Area

The outdoor decking area is very suitable for cooking and dining, which can be achieved by equipping with an outdoor cooking table and a washing basin.

Outdoor Cooking Area

5. Set Up a Gazebo

It is hot in summer, and you may want a pavilion. It can be an outdoor dining area or a leisure and entertainment district. If you want to use the same composite material as composite decking materials, Techwoodn’s Garden WPC Fence product could be a choice to build a pavilion.


6. Select WPC Decking Tiles

When there is only a small area or a small terrace, it will be more convenient to choose WPC Decking Tiles for decoration. Techwoodn’s Decking Tiles can be installed directly on the existing flat ground without tools and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

WPC Decking Tiles