What is the weight of composite decking?

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How heavy is composite decking?

Composite decking is made of wood fiber and recycled plastic. It is more durable and different in weight than traditional wood decking. The type, size, and formula of the composite board will affect its weight. Not that the decking is heavier, the stronger it will be. We provide three different types of composite decking: Capped Composite Decking, Solid Composite Decking, and Hollow Composite Decking. They are with different structural designs to fully ensure their strength and durability. The following are the weights of Techwoodn’s conventional decking profiles:

Capped Composite Decking Weight

Model Approximate Weight
TW21-180F1-D 4.42kg
TW23-140F2-C 3.67kg
TW21-150F1-C 3.66kg
TW15-120F1-C 2.16kg
TW23-138RH2-C 2.75kg
TW23-150RH2-C 2.78kg
TW22-150RH1-C 2.86kg

WPC Decking Weight

Model Approximate Weight
TW21-145F3 4.08kg
TW25-135F2 4.41kg
TW23-146F2 4.47kg
TW30-145F1 12.23kg
TW25-140F3 9.65kg
TW19-135F1 3.39kg
TW30-145H1 6.59kg
TW25-150H4 5.79kg
TW25-140H3 5.72kg
TW25-135H2 5.35kg
TW23-146H1 2.88kg
TW21-145H1 2.57kg

Is composite decking heavier than wood?

Wood is a natural material. The type and moisture content of wood will affect its weight. Generally speaking, the composite decking will be heavier than wood, but its structure is more stable. If you need light composite decking, you can choose Hollow Composite Decking series products.

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