WPC Decking Tips

How to Clean WPC Decking?

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-06-07

WPC decking is mainly used for outdoor. Through the sun, rain, wind, and snow, the moss will appear on the surface of decking inevitably, seriously affected the looking. If the stains stay longer, it will become more difficult to clean. How to clean the WPC decking? In fact, very simple, a pot of water, a […]

Decorate Your Home with WPC Decking

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-06-07

Are you looking for one kind of new material for home decoration? Then you should take a look at WPC decking on the choice of the floor. This new composite material is combined with wood and synthetic materials, which is more stable and with low maintenance. Fading, cracking, swelling and fungus are the normal problems […]

When Wood Vs Composite Decking

in WPC Decking Tips 2018-02-27

Are you looking for a new design for your backyard landscaping? If your answer is yes, now you have quite a few decisions to make, one of those decisions is choosing between wood or composite decking. Just read this article now, we will show you some advantages and disadvantages of them, then you can make […]